Monday, 27 April 2015

Sheepish Endeavours Completed

George is a funny little sheep. Unfortunately, his fifteen minutes of fame are over, and since I have to return the fidgets to the History Department, his ability to respond to his environment is also gone. I removed the phidgets, another invasive surgery, but I was able to stitch him together again successfully. He is just as cute as ever.

George has taught me many things about creating an interactive exhibit, mostly that it is a lot of work and requires almost inexhaustible amounts of tweaking. I am glad I was able to both try my hand at programming and put my sewing skills to work. I would have liked to make George more complicated, but my workload and George's waistline would not have accommodated it.

If I were to do this project again, I am not sure that I would use a distance sensor. It is a rather unpredictable phidget and requires a lot of troubleshooting. The touch sensor was a good call because it is very simple, either on or off, and it was very well hidden in George's head.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project and although my talking sheep is no more, I did leave one piece of technology in George: a speaker. He is now the world's cuddliest sound-system and he will always be able to tell me a sheep joke if the mood strikes me. :)

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