Monday, 27 April 2015

Sheep speak 2

You may recall that I had originally planned to have a very sassy sheep. No longer! George has informed me that insulting people makes him uncomfortable. He wants to be a friendly sheep who makes people laugh. With this in mind, we went to the digital history lab in the UWO History Department and recorded some new phrases for George. This took a little figuring out because the microphones are connected to a Mac, a system I am not very familiar with. Here is what he had to say to my friend Kelly in Ottawa:
George thinks he is a comedian and has quite a repertoire of sheep related jokes. Here are just a few:
The first interaction George will have with someone is when they pass in front of him. He will exclaim, "Hello, my name is George. Pat my head if you want to hear a sheep joke!" At this point, the victim (presumably) will pat George's head and George will reward them with a sheep joke. It is a simple system, but I hope that a randomly talking sheep will intrigue, startle (possibly frighten), and definitely delight passersby. The final presentation of our projects is soon so hopefully George will be on his best behaviour. I’ve warned him not to be baa’d.

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