Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Sheep Thrills of Programming

George still lives! It is still lent and not yet time to cull the lambs. Besides, I need to figure out the code for my project before I can start thinking about implanting things into George.

As proof of his continued safety, here is a picture I took this morning of George and his mouse friends cuddling on my desk.

The bags of wires at his feet are the phidget I am attempting to use. It is an infrared distance sensor and allows the computer to recognize the relative distance of whatever passes in front of the sensor head. Once I have the code figured out, this device will allow George to recognize when something is nearby and to respond accordingly, probably with a sassy remark. Or perhaps with a creative Sheepspearian quote. This should give the unsuspecting passerby a surprise.

I still need to figure out how I will implant the device into George when I am ready. I was thinking of placing the sensor in his bowtie. It is a fairly obvious looking piece of tech that will be hard to hide but hopefully the bow will be able to make it less obvious.

Baaey for now.
Nicole and George

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